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    Malphas Carrow

    Malphas Carrow
    Malphas Carrow

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    Post by Malphas Carrow on 5th April 2014, 2:37 pm

    Full Name:  Malphas Corvinus Carrow
    Year:  5th
    House: Slytherin

    Lives at: Carrow Manor, Merlin's Court
    Blood:  Pure Blood
    Mother:  Shayera Carrow
    Father:  Bruce Allen Carrow

    Other Family: 
    Maryia Carrow (Sister)
    Magnus Carrow (Brother)

    Other People: 

    Morana Carrow (Aunt) [Deceased]
    Amycus and Alecto Carrow (Cousins) [Imprisoned]

    Eyes: Emerald Blue
    Hair: Brown
    Height: 6'0

    Appearance: Inside Hogwarts he usually wears Slytherin colored shirts with his house crest on them, and his robe. Outside, he dresses like a normal boy does discarding his favor for his house's colors.

    Personality:  Malphas is superior when compared to children his age. His strategic mind and intelligence are both frightening beyond compare. He's a boy aware of his strenghts and weaknesses and knows how to use them both to his advantage. Other than that,  he's extremely possessive, but has a good sense of justice, and does not allow disrespect. No matter to whom it is.

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