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    Wix, Wixes and Wixen


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    Wix, Wixes and Wixen Empty Wix, Wixes and Wixen

    Post by Xan on 26th March 2014, 6:32 am

    These are all gender neutral terms to refer to magic users.

    Wixen is an encompassing term for the magical community, or people who can do magic.  Whether it includes sentient magical creatures like House Elves and Goblins is a matter of opinion.

    Wixes is a gender neutral collective noun for wizards and witches.  If there were a group of wizards and witches standing together, you can call them a group of wixes.

    Wix is the singular gender neutral term for a magic user.  The other two terms derive from it.   If your character uses gender neutral pronouns they might also identify as a Wix rather than a Witch or Wizard.

    The Ministry of Magic has begun using the Wixen and Wixes in official documents.

    Credit where credit is due:

    Fact Fiction - The original response to MagicQueers, bringing up "wix" as a non-gendered term.

    Because the witch/wizard dichotomy of the magical world didn’t fit them, nonbinary students started coming up with non-gendered terms.

    Genderfluid Luna decided she liked “wix” the best because it resembled “mix” while keeping the wi of witch and wizard, and now The Quibbler refers to the magical community exclusively as “The Wixen World."
    The theory for how the term "wix" spread through British magical society.

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