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    Post by Dracadia on 11th April 2014, 12:37 pm

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    Getting Started | Available | Setting Information | Dragons | Races | Advertising

    Long ago, the beasts known as the Ternarium arrived in Dracadia through a wild magic rift that tore open like wound in the land. The Ternarium festered out of the wound and began to spoil everything they touched. The only purpose these foul monsters had on their agenda was destruction and annihilation of the once beautiful world of Dracadia. Dracadia stood against these monsters, hopeless and over-powered. Just when it was all but lost, the Gods finally stepped up to help save their people and their world.

    Three breeds of dragons were created and given to the people. Each breed of dragon was distinctly different in look, size, ability and intellect. What they shared in common was their love of the people they would bond to and the elements of the world they derived powers from. Earth, water, air and fire would be their weapons in the war against the Ternarium.

    Massive structures called Forts were established to house dragon Keepers and train them for the war against their eternal enemy. These Forts were nearly a city unto themselves and would become the homes and base camps for these special people, soldiers who were the last hope.

    Do you have what it takes to fight the good fight?[/align]

    What we have to offer:
    + A brand new setting, Inspired by such works as Anne McCaffery's Dragonriders of Pern series and Gary Gygax's Dungeons and Dragons.
    + Three distinct breeds of dragon and four elemental types for your character to bond to
    + Three playable races with their own perks and faults to make them different for a very open style of play from intricate love stories to inner turmoil with other players.
    + Dual Bonding capability - Don't limit your characters any more!
    + Unique shop for items, creatures and character perks!

    What we are accepting:
    + Applicants for Upcoming Hatchings
    + Fire, Earth, Air and Water - Dragons, Lizardlings and Wyverns (Males and Limited Females)
    + Limited Time Ranking Positions - Visit us for details!
    + Gryphonrider's for the Gold Battalion, positions limited for first time characters

    Upcoming Events:
    + 5th Hatching up coming in May 2014! Join now and still have the opportunity to bond with a baby Dragon
    + Spring Fling Celebration - Pending
    + 1st Player-Hosted Flight
    + New Psionic powers for the Mesai Race

    Come and join the fight today!
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    Post by Xan on 14th April 2014, 12:17 am

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