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    Chasing Shattered Dreams

    CSD Admin

    Chasing Shattered Dreams

    Post by CSD Admin on 8th May 2014, 8:50 am


    Since the very dawn of time they have walked amongst us, talked amongst us, even worked amongst us. However, they have never truly been seen amongst us. Living hidden lives, they have veiled us from what lies beyond. Today it has never been easier to stay out of the lime light as a walker amongst shadows. Yet at the same time, every day poses a new thread for them to be exposed as they are forced to live life on the edge, a delicate balance in between freedom of expression to persecution and possible death. If it wasn't for long established safeguards, they all would be doomed already.

    Its modern day California, in the city of San Francisco, and things are about to happen that will change all their lives forever, for both those amongst the shadows and those amongst the light. In an area where dreams can happen, only one side will see the end of the road called victory, or they all will perish together when the time comes. Its time to make a stand and chase shattered dreams.....

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