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    At Spinners End

    ASE Staff

    At Spinners End

    Post by ASE Staff on 28th May 2014, 2:16 am

    At Spinners End?!
    [url=atspinnersend.b1.jcink.com]Site?![/url] ll Rules?! ll Application
    With another term just around the corner…Everyone is getting ready for what seems to be just another normal year at Hogwarts. But don’t hold your breath. This year your in for the ride of your life. When History Starts To Repeat itself..
    The year is 2022..
    . Since the Second Battle of Hogwarts. The Magical world has been at peace, with some occasional conflicts. Muggles still go unknowing of the world outside of their own. Death Eaters, have been prosecuted in court, some have been sent back to Azkaban to which they came, while others they went into hiding not being heard from again. Waiting for their time to come again. They won’t have to wait for long……
    With the new term of Hogwarts just around the corner……
    The kids are just entering their last few years of Hogwarts…expecting just another normal year. Learning new spells, playing quiddich , and returning to see their friends. Things are about to change…
    The Chamber of Secrets has been opened again for the first time in nearly thirty years since 1992. Students and Teachers are on edge…watching as other students, teachers and even ghosts are being petrified. With only a short supply of mandrake juice on hand not being able to have more until later in the year. Having to deal with watching the ones they know be petrified. Not knowing what to do.
    The Message that lingers in everyone’s mind; The Chamber of Secrets has been Opened. Enemies of the Heir Beware! The Dark Lord will Rise Again. Who Opened the Chamber of Secrets? Who is the Heir? And What do they mean by the Dark Lord Will Rise Again?
    Will they be able to stop them?
    Just Remember to Follow the Spiders… 

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