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    An F&B Shopper's How-To

    Hermione Granger
    Flourish & Blotts
    Flourish & Blotts

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    An F&B Shopper's How-To

    Post by Hermione Granger on 31st May 2014, 5:23 am

    Okay! So, here's what the basic idea of shopping for books and things looks like:

    01. If you're in here for plotting or your character is meeting someone else, please put that character's name in the description specifically. Just first name is fine. If you need me to pop in and sell something or if you need me for plotting, add my name to that list.
    Note: If you need me for plotting, please drop me a PM so I can know when you want me to show up. Otherwise I'll just get all confused and it'll be messy. Not quite a fun, I daresay.

    Here are the prices for things your character might need:

    First Year Book Set: 20 Galleons
    Second Year Book Set: 20 Galleons
    Third Year Book Set: 25 Galleons*
    Fourth Year Book Set: 25 Galleons
    Fifth Year Book Set: 25 Galleons
    Sixth Year Book Set: 25 Galleons
    Seventh Year Book Set: 25 Galleons
    Individual Book: 5 Galleons (Generally for non-students, or during the summer. If it's for specific plotting or your character just needs a thread, this is the option for you)

    *The added prices for Third Year and up are based on the Electives and Extra-Curriculars that students are allowed to take from there, thus causing the student to need extra books.

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