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    MALUM ; au post potter


    MALUM ; au post potter

    Post by malumstaff on 2nd June 2014, 8:10 pm

    The year is 2014. The battle of Hogwarts never happened and Harry Potter? He's just your regular wizard- not the boy who lived, nor the one who defeated Voldemort. Tom Marvolo Riddle has been rotting away in Azkaban for more than a decade. Blood politics still exist but with no driving effort. 

    The Wizarding World is, for the most part, at peace with itself.  

    But there are ripples along what is seemingly the calm surface of Hogwarts. The disappearance of a student shrouded in mystery has caused tensions amongst Professors and Students alike. The Headmaster struggles to keep these tidings under wraps out of fear of dropped enrollment and school closure. 

    What is it, exactly, that lurks within the shadows of Hogwarts walls? 

    And will it be coming for you next?

    A pureblood engagement. Come celebrate the joining of two pureblood wizard families. 
    Formal attire only.

    *WE OFFER*
    A dynamic all inclusive plot. We really want every member to feel like they're part of our family!
    People who are friendly and excited to write and develop characters with you! 
    Acceptance of all roleplay levels from rapid fire to novella. 
    House Points! Contests! Real life changes to the website that YOUR characters motivate. 
    Constant improvements to the forum, storyline, and ways to keep our members entertained. 

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