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    Special Powers Empty Special Powers

    Post by Xan on 27th March 2014, 6:50 am

    Inborn Abilities


    Malphas Carrow

    The ability to speak to snakes in their own language.  A person with this ability is called a parselmouth.  

    It's heavily associated with Salazar Slytherin and evil here in the UK, however other cultures may see things differently.

    Your character need not be descended from Slytherin to be a parselmouth


    The ability to transform one's external form at will.  


    The ability to predict the future, and in some cases to make prophecies.

    Learned Abilities


    The ability to teleport from place to place.  All characters over 16 years old are assumed to have learned this ability (unless you wish to roleplay otherwise).

    Silent Spell Casting

    The ability to cast spells without speaking.  All characters in sixth year and above are assumed to have learned this ability (unless you wish to roleplay otherwise).


    The ability to transfigure into animal form.  High level magic, usually learned after fifth year.  Animagi need to be registered with the Ministry of Magic to be legal.


    The ability to ward oneself from mental attack.


    The ability to read others' memories and feelings and to interpret them.  Requires intensive training.

    Wandless Spell Casting

    The ability to perform magic without a wand.  Very high level magic.


    I want an ability!

    [b]Character Name:[/b]
    [b]Why does your character need this ability?[/b] ie, how will it enhance your RP?  Will it cause internal or external conflict for the character?

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