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    WE BUILT THIS CITY. [jcink]


    WE BUILT THIS CITY. [jcink]

    Post by wbtcadmin on 7th June 2014, 8:16 am

    the year is 2022 and much has changed in the wizarding world.
    pureblood privilege is a thought of the past (except for some
    former death eaters) and there is a new group fighting for
    recognition: squibs. for years, the wizarding world has passed
    of their children without magical power to the muggles, where
    they often feel no longer accepted into the wizarding world.
    however, squibs have begun to stick up for themselves,
    fighting for magical education so they may live in the world they
    grew up in. after two years of picketing, the ministry has allowed
    squibs to attend hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry,
    attending adjusted classes, such as "defense against the dark
    arts for squibs", etc. more and more squibs are coming out from
    beneth the carpet, excited to finally go to the school their families
    have been raving about for years. but will squibs mesh well with
    students of magical abilities? will squibs truly feel accepted? after
    all, witches and wizards built this city.
    we built this city | canons | application | face calim | plot | rules

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