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    Post by Xan on 27th March 2014, 8:59 am

    Species Accepted at Hogwarts


    • A werewolf isn't really a species, it's more like a virus.  Unfortunately, the wixen community in the UK persists in thinking of those who have lycanthropy as werewolves.


    • Werewolfism causes the victim to transform into a wolf on the nights before, during and after a full moon (ie, three nights per month).

    • Werewolf transformations can be controlled through the use of wolfsbane potion, which registered werewolfs can obtain for free from the Ministry of Magic.  This potion does not prevent transformation, but it helps the victim to keep control of their mind.

    • Werewolfs who do not use wolfsbane potion lose control of their thought processes during transformation.  Records show they become blood crazed, even attacking themselves if deprived of other prey.

    Part Veela

    • Part veela use a glamour that can do anything from encourage people to see them as beautiful to cause others to find them irresistibly attractive.

    • Part veela can also inherit the ability to transform into a vulture-headed creature with clawed hands and throw fire when angered.

    • Many part veela use their full blooded relatives hair as a wand core.

    Part Giant

    • Part giants are not only taller, but more largely proportioned than most people.

    • Because of their size, part giants can seem clumsy, however this usually has more to do with objects being too small for them. Part giants who can get things custom made have less of a problem fitting in.

    • There is prejudice against part giants, with many believing that they are slow witted.

    Part Goblin

    • Part goblins may experience prejudice both from the wixen community and the goblin community.

    • Part goblins are usually shorter than most people, may have pointed ears, usually have pale skin with a greenish tinge and rows of very sharp teeth.

    • Part goblins require a diet high in protein. Full blooded goblins eat raw meat and fungi, however part goblins may modify their eating habits for social reasons.

    Other species available for play

    House Elf

    Goblin (especially Gringotts employee)





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