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    amortentia [jcink]


    amortentia [jcink]

    Post by chanteuse on 8th June 2014, 10:37 pm

    Amortentia is the magical thing that happens when a Harry Potter site

    meets Animation Personified.  We're thinking of coining the term Persotterfied. 

    What do you think? I'm sure you've spent a little too much time thinking of 

    which of your favorite characters would be in what house at Hogwarts. What

    kind of mischief would a Hufflepuff Meeko get into? What adventures would

    Gryffindor Simba have? What evil things are lurking in the mind of a Slytherin

    Head of House Maleficent? And Ravenclaw Jane Porter spotting werewolf Beast

    in the Forbidden Forest?? All these things and more are possible - and those 

    are just the Disney musings! At Amortentia  so long as the fandom isn't real 

    life they're game. Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon,

    Blue Sky, DC, Marvel, Indie Comics, Video Games. If they have a story and 

    they were created by someone then they can be personified here! So join us 

    today to bring your favorite characters to life in the Wizarding World!



    Since it's summer and the board goes by the RL schedule, the summer plot

    is the Quidditch World Cup! We decided to go along with Pottermore's location

    for the 2014 QWC and so it's taking place in Argentina. The Opening Ceremonies

    begin June 8th, and we will do a round per week after that to wrap up with the

    final game and celebration beginning July 6th. QWC threads will need to be

    finished  by July 15th, and then we'll have an activity check and begin to settle

    in for the following school year. Starting next term we'll have a house points

    system, monthly contests and challenges, a skin for each season,  and much,

    much more! So join us today to get in on all this action and make some lifelong

    rp friends to boot. We're a friendly bunch who are fans of just about everything

    and will welcome you with open arms! An abundance of canons are still available

    - chances are you'll find SOMEONE you want. You might even find several someones. :)

    We'll see you around the site and if you've read this far, bless your heart. You deserve a freakin cookie!

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