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    Post by Audrawr on 10th June 2014, 5:57 am

    The Battle of Hogwarts has been won. The war is finally over. From here on out, things can only get better. The repairs on Hogwarts have been finished just in time for the school to reopen. A new class of first years will receive their letters to Hogwarts, some completely unaware of the war and how it's changed everything. And the trio, along with others in their year, are returning to finish out their 'eighth' year. The rest of the Wizarding World is picking itself back up and piecing together what's left. From an outsider's view, an era of peace and happiness has arrived. But things aren't as simple as that. Some scars just can't be erased. The memories of the war are vivid in everyone's mind. Death Eaters still roam the world, despite efforts to capture them. Many lost loved ones, and the sadness of those losses hangs over the heads of Witches and Wizards everywhere. The war and its tragedy touched nearly everyone in Wizarding Britain.

    But hope still resides, as it always does. They've made it this far, and the hardest parts are over. The returning eighth years fuel this hope for Hogwarts and for the rest of the Britain Wizarding community. Those students who fought for what they believed was right, even while they were so young, will be the next generation of leaders. The hope that was slowly shriveling during the worst of the war burst out of its cocoon when Lord Voldemort fell. And now all that's left is to Follow the Butterflies.

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