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    Thorolei (Jcink)


    Thorolei (Jcink)

    Post by Thorolei on 10th June 2014, 8:09 am

    Thorolei is a medieval/fantasy world where both humans and fae live side by side...and not always peacefully. Hundreds of years ago humans ruled while fae lived in fear, but after a revolt by the fae turned into an all-out war, a peace treaty was created. In each region of Thorolei humans were granted a piece of land that was theirs alone, where no other fae unless permitted were to enter, while fae were allowed to roam freely over the regions without the prosecution of humans. This peace lasted for some years, until the human king and fae leader that issued the treaty passed on and their ancestors have not always held up to the treaty as they should. Every year that passes, tension between the humans and fae grows, especially as more fae move to live among the human cities. The two religions practiced in Thorolei do not help the issue either; there is the Temple of Seberon, where the priest's and priestess's rally for peace and unity among the species, and then there is the Temple of Vaaldrak, whose worshipers devote themselves to the fae and to bringing them ultimate power. Harmony still exists in Thorolei, but it hangs on by a mere thread. The people wonder..when will the thread break?

    Thorolei is a play-by-post site that has no word count, no post time requirements and is R rated for mature content. We accept all levels of roleplayers and have a basic application which comes in dohtml and bbcode format. Thorolei allows humans and fae as playable characters; humans differ by each region of Thorolei (desert, glacier, lake and forest) and fae species possibilities are practically endless, as we encourage creativity. The admin are friendly and are available through several ways of contact for our members.


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