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    Forever Night: a Black Jewels RP [LB]


    Forever Night: a Black Jewels RP [LB]

    Post by Kitty5roses on 10th June 2014, 2:02 pm

    A Territory at war with itself. A desperate Queen. A mistake that will change the history of the Realms.
    The Forever Night is coming, Will you Survive it?

    • Forever Night is a free-form fantasy role play game set in Anne Bishop's Realms of the Blood which is the world from her Black Jewels Trilogy series.
    • You don't need to know the canon to play with us. We have put all you need to know in 3 short documents and the Staff are always happy to help with any queries.
    • Our Application Process is quick and no fuss. No lengthy word counts in our apps or on our boards!
    • Transfer characters are welcome!
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    [center]Forever Night

    Where the fate of the Realms is in your hands.
    [Beginners Guide]

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