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    No Salvation [JCINK]


    No Salvation [JCINK] Empty No Salvation [JCINK]

    Post by NoSal on 10th June 2014, 5:50 pm

    No Salvation [JCINK] Ad
    a dark medieval disney personified

    The land of Fantasia has always been a dangerous place to live. For centuries beyond count,
    it has been divided into separate countries, but blended into each other through a trio of
    things: conflict, money and blood. To live in Fantasia is a dangerous thing. One never knows
    if the person they are meeting is who they truly say they are. And, if they are not, are
    they the king masquerading as a commoner for amusement? Or, a witch whose curses are as
    powerful as her temper and has left a bloody swath in her wake? That is nothing to say of
    the dangers of the land itself. If one does not find themselves at the odds with the people
    of Fantasia, they are still likely to suffer through surviving nature: the spirits, the dangerous
    beasts, the harsh weather and the magic that seems to seep from the very core of the land itself.

    But, Fantasia still thrives despite the madness it experiences. Like the hardiest of adventurers,
    it will endure.

    The story never ends.

    There are no happy endings here.


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