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    Guardians Arising

    Jack Frost

    Guardians Arising

    Post by Jack Frost on 11th June 2014, 10:02 am

    Pitch Black, the Nightmare King, and his Anti-Guardian forces intend to devour all the goodness of Earth before expanding into the cosmos, fuelled by the darkness of humanity and society. Eleven years ago he was operating alone and very nearly won, but this time he's got himself allies, compelling the Man in the Moon to choose more Guardians. In the midst of this war, magic is becoming manifest in the world. Childhood legends, fairytale figures, mythological beings and deities, personified concepts, and all manner of people and creatures from fables and folklore are arising in order to defend the world... or aid in its destruction.

    Saint Nicholas. The Sandman. Mother Nature. Merlin. Odin. Persephone. Anubis. Ali Baba. Name any story or character associated with a pantheon, holiday, or human nature itself: every one of them has been real ever since humanity was inspired to create them. Belief is the magic that fuels all concepts and makes them real, and now it's all entering the fold of the real world as the fate of the sentient universe comes into play.

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