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    Magic City By Night


    Magic City By Night Empty Magic City By Night

    Post by Calliope on 11th June 2014, 3:39 pm

    Magic City By Night MCBN-banner

    Through strife and conquest, Miami was forged by determined European explorers. Equally as determined to conquer and consume were the various factions of supernatural beings whom since time immemorial have been vying for power from the shadows. While most of mankind slumbers blissfully unaware of the existence of their nightmares made manifest, a quiet war has been waged upon the numerous ley lines which run from city to city. Miami is the epicenter of these wars, where the factions collide to control and dominate. Vampires, Werewolves, Mages and Psychics often clash, and for most the reason isn't quite so clear as much has been lost to the annuals of time. Humans unwittingly become entangled in the conflicts, and some find themselves suddenly immersed in a world which has existed along side their own for all of known history, yet is so alien to all they know.

    Welcome to the Magic City.

    Some things about us:
    Experienced, friendly staff.
    Active member base wanting to plot!
    Adult Content permitted in certain areas of the site.
    Must be 18+ to join.
    3-3-3 on RPG rating
    Drama and hassle free role playing environment. 
    Lenient app requirements, we just ask you put some thought into your characters and remain moderately active.

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