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    Hogwarts: The New Ages


    Hogwarts: The New Ages Empty Hogwarts: The New Ages

    Post by L.Striker on 25th June 2014, 3:20 pm

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    Hogwarts: The New Ages

    A hidden world of magic didn't seem possible, at least not until the Statue of Secrecy was broken and it was decided both worlds would be better off without it. Everyone in the world is now connected-- woven within a web of lies, magic, deception, love, fear, friendship, hate, life, and anguish. Many have profited from the changes that have been made and have moved on with their lives, but for others the end is very near. In this New Age not everyone can win, those with knowledge have power, power equals corruption, and good does not always outweigh bad.

    With a new Minister of Magic leading the waltz of the age, crime on the rise, and mystery shrouding the lives of all, who can we trust? Change is coming and no one knows if they will survive.

    It is for those very reasons the brink of war is upon both worlds in The New Ages.

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