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    The Hunger Games Trilogy

    The Capitol

    The Hunger Games Trilogy Empty The Hunger Games Trilogy

    Post by The Capitol on 30th June 2014, 7:22 am

    The Hunger Games Trilogy

    The Hunger Games Trilogy Thgtriladv_zps9e7f9879

    Welcome to Panem! This year he are holding the 73rd Annual Hunger Games. Please, take a look around and we urge you to stay. We have 12 Districts and The Capitol in which you can take your residence. If you decide to reside in one of the 12 Districts, you will have the marvelous opportunity to enter into the Reaping for a chance to become a Tribute in the Hunger Games! Please, feel free to explore, but take into consideration that some areas are off limits for your safety. We hope you enjoy your stay and make Panem your permanent residence. Enjoy!

    We are a NEW forum. There are MANY available spots open for staff members/canons/tributes and more. Come and look around! If you have questions, you can send me a message or chat with me in the chatbox at the bottom of our forum! We hope to see you there!

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