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    Pureblood Reigns (Post-Potter RPG)

    Jade Louise

    Pureblood Reigns (Post-Potter RPG) Empty Pureblood Reigns (Post-Potter RPG)

    Post by Jade Louise on 9th July 2014, 8:09 am

    Pureblood Reigns is a post-Potter intermediate-advanced post by play roleplaying forum, currently seeking new blood.

    Pureblood Reigns (Post-Potter RPG) 88153c8e-92ef-4cdf-aade-cea692901aa9_zps22fb6bfa 

    "It is 2048 and the Daily Prophet has sent out the horrible news-


    The wizarding world has been thrown into turmoil. With the current Minister for Magic in a cell in Azkaban, and his predecessor dead the government is in shambles. What will the world do without it's biggest advocate for good? Does this mean the Pureblood Supremeist movement is cementing it's rise? You can almost hear the chink of gold coins passing through Gervais Malfoy's hands. And with the new Malfoy/Rosier family bond, the power is greater than it has been for a long time. Does this mean the end of the fair and equal wizarding society we've known for so long?"

    Come, join the fun! ==> Pureblood Reigns

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