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    Post by Gypsy on 15th July 2014, 11:07 pm

    Beyond Human 4aIbYwy 
    Our history is filled with stories of heroes; legendary beings who fought against the
    odds and performed impossible tasks. In ancient times they spoke with Gods, fought
     mythical creatures, took to new worlds. We do not live in ancient times. We no longer believe.
    The sudden surge of power was unexpected, catastrophic. We call them Aberrants;
    men and women inexplicably granted access to powers once reserved for myth and fantasy. 
    Mutations, abnormal, broken. Their bodies, their very minds, are forever changed, making them 
    something new, something...[/i]
    Beyond Human.
    Beyond Human is an original Superhero Roleplaying game, where the stories
    were never taken seriously, where government has tried to suppress the sudden
    surge of Aberrants. And failed. Aberrants and humans alike are forced to make a
    choice about how to act, how to react; protect the people as a paragon of justice,
    or strike out violently against past oppressions; try to keep the peace in the hopes of 
    reconciliation, or carve out a piece of the world for themselves.
    Where will you stand when the Myths return to the world?

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