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    Abaddon City


    Abaddon City Empty Abaddon City

    Post by Knavehearts on 16th August 2014, 7:18 pm

    [URL=http://www.abaddoncity.com]Visit us at Abaddon City today![/URL]

    Vampire | Shifter | Human | Slavery RP in a modern day city life setting.
    Expand your characters to their full potential- far beyond the limitations that other sites may have bound you to.  At Abaddon City, our minimal rules allow for our members to use their imagination on their character's creation, history and their overall growth.  We have very few limitations on the basis of your original character, so feel free to use the lore you most adore.

    You may have as many characters (sub-accounts) as you can keep active.
    No wait to be accepted.
    No playby required.
    No word count.
    No drama.
    Strictly 18+

    Use The Lore You Most Adore!

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