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    Non-student Characters


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    Non-student Characters Empty Non-student Characters

    Post by Xan on 27th March 2014, 10:23 pm

    If you want to create a character who isn't attending Hogwarts, you'll need to claim them in the claims forum before you get your character sorted.

    Because Hogwarts Lives is Hogwarts based, anyone not at Hogwars is expected to have a job.  In my experience, these characters have little opportunity for interaction, their players get bored with them and eventually drop them. Hopefully having a job will prevent that from happening.  Therefore, applying for your character's job is part of claiming your non-student character.

    If your character is joining the Darkness, they still need to have a job.  You can't make a living off attacking Hogwarts.

    You can choose to get your adult character sorted if they went to Hogwarts, or you can decide for yourself which house they were in.  They get put into a different usergroup, so either way is fine.

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