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    The Draft A Dystopian RPG

    The Trust

    The Draft A Dystopian RPG

    Post by The Trust on 30th March 2014, 5:04 pm


    [size=1]We are [b]rated R[/b] with an [b]age minimum of 18 years old[/b].
    We have been open since [b]July 2010[/b] and run on [b]IPB3[/b].
    We are [b]self-hosted[/b].
    The concept of the game is that we draft your character [b]at random[/b]
    to be the spouse of another character
    However, we do allow [b]pre-marriages[/b] but
    [b]do not take draft requests[/b]. [/size][/center]

    By the year 2060, 80% of all marriages ended in divorce within the first 5 years. 10% of marriages went beyond 5 years only because the couples resorted to immoral methods to keep the passion alive such as open relationships and swinging parties. Only 10% of marriages lasted until death do you part.

    The government, known as The Trust, thought that the idea of love was what was ruining marriage. Too many confused lust for love and once the lust faded, they couldn't stand each other. They decided that in order to achieve the greatest good for the greatest number of people, they had to take control. The government would dictate who would marry who. They created a system that based matches on personalities and personal preferences. There was no love in the equation, just who would get along. Every individual in the country is on file. They know you.

    But it doesn'
    t stop with just controlling marriage. They outlawed anything they thought destroyed marriage but also decided that they needed to control nearly every aspect of every day life. They decide what kind of job you have, how many children you can have, even what color car you drive. It's the year 2187 and this has become a normal part of life for the citizens of America, considering that The Trust has been in power for over a hundred years now. But every dystopian society has a resistance against the controlling figures and the question is, do you fight it or favor it? But no matter what, you cannot fight The Draft.[/list]


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