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    Static Hogwarts - 10 Years Running!

    Celeste DeWitt

    Static Hogwarts - 10 Years Running!

    Post by Celeste DeWitt on 1st April 2014, 5:39 am

    Static Hogwarts

    The students at Static Hogwarts are hiding a secret...

    It's a new school year, and the students have resumed
    their normal exploration of the castle and their studies
    at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

    Among them, a curious artifact is discovered - a wooden
    box - a portkey! For some reason, this one works
    even within Hogwarts walls, and students have been
    using it to transport to an island oasis - a real
    beach getaway! Better keep it secret from the
    Professors, since they'll take it away.

    The Portkey has been passed from student to
    student, from one social circle to another - it is
    their big secret from the adults.

    But what happens when the Portkey starts to be
    accessed from the other side? Who now has gained
    an easy entrance to Hogwarts, and how long before
    they are discovered?

    Join the student body and play along with our plot, or register as an alumni
    and fight (or help?) the forces of Evil at play here at Static Hogwarts [SH].

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