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    Visionary Tales Empty Visionary Tales

    Post by Jabba on 20th January 2015, 10:41 pm

    Visionary Tales Pbucket

    Visionary Tales is a roleplaying community composed of intelligent, quick-minded, mature, and kind individuals.

    Visionary Tales is welcome to anyone and everyone with an open mind, with a desire for roleplaying and writing, and even to lurkers. Maybe you've retired roleplaying for now, but want to surround yourself with like minded individuals. Have a plot or character that needs a run? Perhaps you as a roleplayer are searching for a bit of the interwebs to call home. Visionary Tales is an environment, a haven, where we want every member to feel welcome, to feel they serve an important function and service to this active roleplaying community.

    No auditions. No elitism. No discrimination. No douchebaggery. We welcome roleplayers of every experience level, every genre-appreciator, from all walks of life.

    Open minded, clever, encouraging, welcoming, and friendly. We want YOU.
    We’re better than missionaries. We’re Visionaries.
    douchebags need not apply...

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