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    Poison Apples {We have moved}

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    Poison Apples {We have moved} Empty Poison Apples {We have moved}

    Post by Poison Apples Staff on 1st May 2014, 6:59 pm

    Poison Apples {We have moved} J1ZXx0v
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    We are an AU Once Upon a time RPG. We are a flexible intermediate board, with no word count and APCs. Friendly staff with an active and loyal member base. A basic site plot but we strive to be member driven!

    It was just another chaotic day in Storybrooke, Maine 2013. Portals were opening everywhere, people from all different realms were crowding into Storybrooke. People were reuniting and separating, looking for loved ones and fighting against their curses. Everyone was just trying to regain their happy endings. Emma Swan and Neal Cassidy were in the Enchanted Forest. The Snow Queen was planning on rescuing them by sending the town's baker after them. Hercules was rallying the residents to help run the town. Captain Hook and other former residents of Neverland were trying to find a place for them to call home. Snow White and her family were trying to make sure no one kills each other. Another day in Storybrooke.

    Suddenly it's 2014. Everyone's woken up and they can't remember anything that's happened in the last year. No one knows what kind of cursed occurred, where or what they've been doing for the last year, who cursed them again in the first place and more importantly. . . why?

    Now what can everyone do except for just. . . move on? Life isn't stopping for our fairytale residents just because of another curse. We all have to keep fighting for our happy ending. Though that doesn't mean we don't have more troubles ahead of us. Everyone is determined to figure out what happened to them in the last year. And figure out a few mysteries. Such as, where has the Snow Queen gone? And are the residents of Storybrooke in the Enchanted Forest still alive?

    This is the time for everyone to start over. To be better people. For heroes and villains and monsters to all work together. Or maybe this is the time to take advantage of all the chaos to get what you want.

    We accept canon and original characters! Including fairy tales not touched in the series! Hoping to get more men, POC, and LGTB character for more diversity! But always looking for more members no matter what!


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    Poison Apples {We have moved} Empty Re: Poison Apples {We have moved}

    Post by Xan on 17th May 2014, 10:49 am

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