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    The Adventure Of The Blue Box // A Wholock RP


    The Adventure Of The Blue Box // A Wholock RP

    Post by Anthea on 24th May 2014, 12:11 pm

    Home ☆ Plot ☆ Rules ☆ Canon List ☆ Wanted Characters

    Two years ago, all of London heard about Sherlock Holmes jumping to his death off the roof of St. Bartholomew's Hospital after confessing that he was a fake. Eventually things returned back to normal as everyone accepted that Sherlock was indeed gone. But now the once-famous detective is back and back to doing what he does best - solving crimes and annoying all of Scotland Yard while he does it. 

    The Doctor, that mad old man with his blue box, is still travelling the universe, picking up companions and having adventures galore. The Eleventh Doctor has a new permanent companion: a Ganger version of Idris, whose thoughts are linked to that of the TARDIS so she can finally communicate with her dear Doctor.

    Things, however, are not as peachy as they appear. A string of serial killings has hit London, while old enemies of the Doctor are coming out of the woodwork and causing chaos. No one is safe any longer. Be careful who you chat to, and watch your back...!

    ☆Recently re-opened so plenty of canons up for adoption!

    ☆We accept canons from Doctor Who, Sherlock, Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures. Original characters are also more than welcome!

    ☆We accept all types of blood-lines: human, Gallifreyan, alien hybrids and more.

    ☆At any given time there can be all eleven Doctors active, so there are plenty of Doctors to choose from to have your adventures with!

    ☆Canons aren't bound to just meeting characters of their own show; Sherlockians are highly encouraged to meet Whovians and Torchwoodians!

    ☆Lots of canons from the four shows to choose from, plus plenty of Doctors up for the taking!

    ☆Non-canon relationships encouraged.

    ☆No word count.

    ☆Open to writers of all experience.

    ☆Friendly and active forum, with active admins who'll ensure that you can get onto the fun writing fast and not have to wait around.

    ☆Criminal characters and villains are always welcome; who doesn't love a good serial killing spree?

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