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    Pandora [mass crossover]

    Pandora Staff

    Pandora [mass crossover] Empty Pandora [mass crossover]

    Post by Pandora Staff on 24th August 2014, 3:58 am

    Pandora [mass crossover] AA6uhnx
    Welcome to Pandora's Box

    Beyond the fabric of space and time, there exists a Pantheon of Gods, ruled by the Goddess Pandora, who claim to have created all that exists.  Satisfied by her creations for only a fleeting moment, she and her Pantheon abandoned one world to play with another until she created something new -- a world within a box.  Instead of creating new life to struggle within this empty realm, lifeforms were plucked from different worlds, different universes, and dropped mercilessly into the box without explanation.  Some of the inhabitants searched relentlessly for a way out while others saw the world of Pandora as an escape from the old.  Lives, however, were eventually formed, the single town growing as a community.  Government was established, rulers rose and fell.  Three years later, the box is a thriving community of all sorts of characters.  The world, however, is an unstable one and there's no telling when the box might suddenly change the rules.

    After an attempt on Queen Ravenna's life, Pandora began to unravel. Aegis, the queen's militarized force, began harassing and attacking the public and the earth began to die, resulting in the people coming together to form three separate rebellion factions; however, despite their best efforts, the rebels had lost the battle and where give a choice: flee or die.

    During the end of Winter, Year 3, Pandora expanded, offering its castaways new places to live as life slowly trickled into the earth. Depending upon their progress, a new town will arise, allowing those unhappy with Ravenna's reign a safe haven.

    • Multi-fandom roleplay
    • Canon only
    • No word count
    • Short application


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