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    Fractured Ascendancy [Invisionfree]

    Robert T. Pooner

    Fractured Ascendancy [Invisionfree]

    Post by Robert T. Pooner on 30th March 2014, 2:33 am

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    In a post apocalyptic world overrun by anarchy, rising tyrants, and powerful beings, a new government agency rises from society’s ashes to restore humanity its dignity using next gen technology, weaponry and genetic engineering.  A beacon of light for mankind, a holocaust for supernatural beings, and a step closer at New World Order for the powers that be, a silent war ensues, threatening to erupt at outrageous levels only to end in blood.  Do you dare try to stand up to this organization and stop the madness?  Or will you move the world closer to its inevitable self destruction?
    As a player on Fractured Ascendancy, you can choose from many races listed in The Enclosed Instruction Book, and create as many unique characters as you wish.  You can participate in the progressing main storyline the game revolves around, or you can build your own set of stories in the universe’s vast boundaries.  Text based PvP is also available to players who would like to fight and test their writing skills and their characters against other players, with detailed and interesting settings that can be created at the whim of the challenger or of those who are called out!  Every so often, PvP combat tournaments will be held to decide who will be the champion of the people.  You may even also participate in a Free RP, breaking away from the universe of Fractured Ascendancy and taking the time to create your own.  The perfect cure for writer’s block!
    That is not all.  Our community also offers a wide array of Out-of-Character discussion and forum games, and our members are very friendly, making the atmosphere generally positive for the whole memberbase!
    Interested yet?  Come see the mayhem for yourself, and…try not to die, please.
    For more information, please contact the admin at:
    Or on AIM at:

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