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    Blood Purity Empty Blood Purity

    Post by Xan on 30th March 2014, 10:00 am


    Being pureblood is all about believing magical people are superior to muggles. Your character might identify as pureblood if they believe this, regardless of their actual ancestry.

    If your character

    • hasn't had any muggleborn people in their family as far back as 1800 and/or
    • they disown anyone who marries a muggleborn

    they probably come from a pureblood family.


    Halfbloods make up most of the wixen community.

    Halfblood is technically someone who has both muggle and wixen ancestry. A character might also identify as halfblood if they dislike the pureblood philosophy.


    Muggleborn refers to someone whose parents or grandparents were muggles.  

    A character would most likely only identify as a muggleborn if they were one.


    Characters from other cultures may not recognise the blood purity system at all.  Their culture might not place as much emphais on the distinction between muggles and wixen.

    Characters who are other species or part species might identify with their species linage rather than wixen terms.

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