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    Dark Times Lie Ahead (Need Ron/Draco/Ginny/Luna!)

    Hermione Granger

    Dark Times Lie Ahead (Need Ron/Draco/Ginny/Luna!)

    Post by Hermione Granger on 31st March 2014, 1:23 am

    Under Lord Voldemort’s reign the Wizarding World has been living in fear. Muggleborns were being hunted and sold, Halfbloods were stuck in the middle forced to choose a side, Purebloods were either supporters or under watchful eye Blood Traitors. The Ministry of Magic is also under his control, nowhere is safe. No one is safe. Harry Potter has been held prisoner within the walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry along with those students and teachers who oppose The Dark Lord’s Rule, these still believe in Albus Dumbledore’s values. The Order of Phoenix has devised a plan, with Christmas around the corner; it will be put into full action. Get Harry Potter out of Hogwarts.

    Suspicions of gathering activity and defiance within the students of the school along with Severus Snape’s true loyalty extra eyes have been added into the school. But the Order’s plan has to work in order for their world to be saved, in order for the darkness to be lifted. Once The Boy Who Lived has been rescued, he along with Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger will continue Dumbledore’s goals of discovering and destroying Voldemort’s Horcruxes in order to weaken him. How will Lord Voldemort react when he learns that his enemy and lifeline has escaped? Too many questions and too many possibilities but there WILL be a war.

    The time will come when the Death Eaters need to be overthrown and all will prepare, all will fight. Soon, Harry will have to make the choice: to live or to die.

    *In great need of the following canons!

    • Ron Weasley
    • Ginny Weasley
    • Draco Malfoy
    • Luna Lovegood
    • The Weasley Family
    • The Carrow Siblings
    • Many more canons


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