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    we're marching on [jcink]

    sirius black

    we're marching on [jcink] Empty we're marching on [jcink]

    Post by sirius black on 23rd June 2014, 11:05 pm

    we're marching on [jcink] YbxdaxW

    still, we're marching on

    the year is 1979. 

    the war between lord voldemort and the wizarding world is beginning to escalate. muggleborns are at the highest risk for disappearance and murder. the death eaters and the order of the phoenix are both beginning to grow in numbers, along with their supporters. higher security has been implemented at hogwarts, which results in many restrictions, including floo network use and monitored hogsmeade visits. fenrir greyback was recently publicly chosen for he and his pack to join ranks with the death eaters. aurors patrol the streets of busy areas throughout the day; the death eaters are growing more bold have been known to attack crowds in broad daylight. the prophet reports any and all attacks and disappearances despite the denial of the ministry. it is rare to find a day where someone is not attacked, reported missing, or killed.

    war is no longer coming. it is here.


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