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    Whizz Bang; A Post-Potter/Werewolf Army rp


    Whizz Bang; A Post-Potter/Werewolf Army rp Empty Whizz Bang; A Post-Potter/Werewolf Army rp

    Post by Kisa_k on 18th July 2014, 8:23 pm

    Whizz Bang; A Post-Potter/Werewolf Army rp X10opy


    A Werewolf Army, Post-Potter RP!

    Ever wonder what it would be like to live in the Harry Potter universe during a time of great social change and war? Where here at Whizz-Bang you can do just that!

    The year is 2030, and the werewolves has had enough of being discriminated against in society. Whispers has begun to be spread about the Free Lycanthropy Republic (or FLARE), and while the group is a big mystery to the people of the wizarding world.. one thing is for certain: now is the time of the beginnings of great social change.

    So is this it? Is this where werewolves finally gain more social and political freedom, or will they eventually slink back into the shadows? When you're in a world where the out-come is based on the people in it, who knows how this story will end? So join and help pave the new age of the wizarding world.. for better or for worse...  

    Our site is rated Pg-13, we welcome all levels of role-players.

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    Credits: Thedizzylittledreamer

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